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Original Home of George Greenough Designs

Wilderness Surfboardsfounded in Santa Barbara, in 1966, by George Greenough and Michael Cundith, simultaneously started in Angourie, Australia, was at the forefront of the shortboard revolution. Joining Wilderness in the late 1960’s was Richie West, Dan Hazard, and present day owner and designer shaper, Bob Duncan. Wilderness has operated at its present location at 317 South Alisos St. in Santa Barbara since 1970.

After trips to Hawaii in the 1970's and constant trips to mainland Mexico and Baja, longer, faster board designs evolved improving the basic Greenough design in board and fin, flex and foils integrating the completely original Greenough bottoms.

Our custom fin design, flex and foil is now produced by True Ames evolving into the fin for the 21st century–the paddle fin–a constant evolution since the '60's of Greenough foil and flex technolgy. Custom glasswork is performed by Bob Haawkinson, also located in Santa Barbara.

2008:The future of the Wilderness Surfboards shop is now uncertain. CalTrans has bought the property for their freeway widening project and is seeking to oust Wilderness. Wilderness is in negotiations with CalTrans attorneys to come to some equitable compensation. Obviously, going up against a state agency is nothing but an uphill battle…although Wilderness has never shied away from confrontations that have harassed the locals. Stay tuned.....

2010: The State bought the property and is using it as a materials storage yard for the huge never-ending Freeway 101 project. The Catalina cherry trees and the huge rubber tree that lent a great atmosphere to the Wilderness shop are only preserved in pictures. There is no trace of the Wilderness Shop. We spent alot of time and money trying to hold on as a local business, but were no match for the wheels of progress and money. It seems the city likes to preserve local things that are neat and tidy and can be marketed as such. Wilderness by no stretch of the imagination was neat and tidy, but managed to keep its integrity. Apologies for the slackness of updating the site......the design pages will be up within the month of September.....really........

However: Wildereness does still exist. We continue to improve on our mid-range and longboard shapes, our stubby designs, still available in single and three fins,
and elusive custom kneeboards. Custom orders and stock boards available at the Beach House in Santa Barbara, you can still call Wilderness Surfboards directly at 805.962.9518 or you can email us at wilderness7@mindspring.com.

  p.o. box 4275, santa barbara, ca 93103  tele: 805.962.9518  email: wilderness7@mindspring.com